Top Vacuum Sealer Tips

Vacuum sealers are a revolutionary product that help households save time and money. They work by sucking the oxygen out of a container or bag to help eliminate germs, microbes, and bacteria that can cause rot and spoilage. Many manufacturers have created smaller and more lightweight versions of the sealer and it’s because of this that the appliance is now a common household tool. While some people know how to use a sealer already, we have compiled these tips to make your sealing much more efficient.

The Ultimate Combo.

Using a blast freezer to preserve food before using the best food vacuum sealer is the smartest method for food that has already been cooked or baked. The blast freezer will rapidly lower the temperature of even the hottest foods and prevent bacterial growth from occurring before sealing. Using this combination will help store your food for the longest period of time possible without losing its nutritional value and taste.

The Right Bags

Always use the correct type of bag with your sealer. There are many kinds of vacuum sealer bags and the right one will help preserve food for longer periods of time. There are universal sealer bags that work well with most units. There are also commercial sealer bags that are best used in restaurants, butcher shops and other food related industries. For those who buy large quantities of food or like to freeze cooked food, there are bags that can be labeled so you can easily mark and put in the date of your stored food.

Choose What Works Best For You

Selecting the right kind of sealer can also extend the shelf life of your food. For most home kitchens a handheld sealer or clamp type sealer is usually enough to get the job done. These units are both small and lightweight. They can be stored easily and do not take up a lot of space. For bigger operations like restaurants and other food related industries a commercial vacuum cleaner is a good investment. Most units can remove up to 99.9% of oxygen giving your preserved meats more protection and longer shelf life. While commercial sealers are more expensive, they are made from much tougher materials and are built to last even when used all day long.

Preserving Liquids

Liquids can also be preserved using your vacuum sealer. The right technique to preserve liquids when using a handheld or clamp type sealer is to freeze the liquid or watery food first. Freezing it will help make sure that no liquid is sucked up into the machine or interferes with the sealing process. This technique can also be applied to sauces, soups and other liquid rich food items.

When To Use

The best time to vacuum seal your food, is right after you buy it. Don’t be tempted to take a rest. Vacuum sealing food right after buying is the best method for locking in the freshness.

Following the simple tips above will help preserve food for longer periods of time, make your meals more nutritious, and help keep your machine in great working shape. With so many fantastic options on the market it just takes a little knowledge to reap the enormous benefits that vacuum sealing has to offer.

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